Everyone knows the capital goods industry is one of the best places to get a profitable job. But most people need to be made aware of the sectors in this industry. Every sector has its unique opportunities. The big question today is What do Capital Goods Jobs Pay? Keep reading to learn all about Capital goods.

Manufacturing, engineering, designing, and sales are the types of jobs you can apply for in the capital goods industry. One important thing to know about these jobs is that they come with a high salary but have negative and positive sides.

Which could be the challenges and the interesting part. So if you are looking for a challenging and exciting job, capital goods are one of the best you can go for.

Have you heard about the capital goods sector and want to see if it's a good career path? We implore you to consider it. Capital goods are durable items that every manufacturing organism uses in producing different goods and services. Some of the goods include machinery and equipment, vehicles, and tools.

The capital goods industry is vast, with different departments and districts that welcome new individuals. The research found that people working in the capital sector earn more than those in other sectors.

Capital Good Definition

A capital good is an output being utilized in manufacturing other products but bears in mind that these outputs are not incorporated into a fresh product. Examples of capital goods are industrial machinery, process plant equipment, textile machinery, machine tools, and printing and packaging machinery.

In this article, you will learn if Capital goods jobs pay and the best-paid jobs in the industry. We will also talk about employment in the industry with a considerable income. Ultimately, the information will motivate you to get a job in the capital goods industry.

Examples of capital goods

Capital goods are known as any durable goods that are used in the creation of other goods and services. These durable goods include building equipment, machinery, vehicles, etc. A capital good is anything that is utilized in the manufacturing of any commodity.

Capital goods are said to be an essential part of the economy. And that's because it is credible for manufacturing different goods and services in the industry. Capital goods are one of the industries that employ many workers consistently.

They are different companies in the capital goods industry, which are listed below:


Tools are materials that people use when they are working on a product. These tools could be hand tools and power tools.


Vehicles are anything automobile, which includes cars, buses, trailers, trucks, vans, and many more.


Equipment is something that includes an item like conveyor belts, cranes, and forklifts.


Machinery is anything that includes different machines that are used in a factory. Examples are; injection molding machines, lathes, and drill presses.


Buildings include warehouses, factories, buildings, stores, and many more. Every industry has its capital goods, which makes capital goods vast. Every capital interest In the industry has its skill and the required knowledge to do a perfect job.


Textile includes anything related to cotton, nylon, and wool.


A chemical includes natural gas, minerals, oils, and many more.

You are on the right track if you want to know the highest-paid jobs in the capital goods industry. There are numerous extraordinary possibilities, depending on your expertise and skill. If you want to influence the capital goods industry considerably, you must brush yourself up on the command economy.

Is the Capital Goods Industry Important?

The industry plays a vital role in the economy globally. The primary job is to provide equipment and machinery. Capital goods also provide visible products that can be used to produce other commodities. The capital goods sector is also a source of employment.

According to research, over 12 million people have been employed in the capital goods industry in the United States alone.

What Do Capital Goods Job Pay

According to research, you can earn between $50,000 to $90,000 annually while working in a good capital goods sector. What matters most is having good qualifications, skills, and experience in the capital goods industry.

According to research, a US-based engineering manager earns roughly $120 000 to $150,000 annually.

The major sectors in the capital goods industry

The industry has different numbers of sectors which includes;

(1) Transportation

This sector includes a business selling and producing spacecraft, aircraft, and other related services.

(2) Defense

This sector includes businesses that sell and produce weapons, military equipment, and other outputs and services.

(3) Construction

This sector includes a business related to the foundation of a residential apartment, building offices, bridges, roads, and other structures.

(4) Aerospace

This sector includes businesses that sell and produce spacecraft, aircraft, and other outputs and services.

Advantages of a Capital Goods Career

Career Advancement

There is a possibility for people who work in the capital goods industry to advance their careers. A subordinate employee can switch to a quality control inspector or the company's plan operator.

Beginners have good opportunities.

Many capital goods industries only require an experienced worker after they get employed. They prefer to train them when they have just been used, and they value the training more than the certificate. You can get valuable skills from a capital goods industry that will benefit you in the long run.

Project Deals

The capital goods industry is about creating different things that can be touched and visible. This enables a lot of people to see what they have done, which could be gratifying.

Are stocks capital goods?

Having a share of stock doesn't mean you have a capital good. Capital goods are known as tangible creatures. An artificial commodity that is being utilized in the manufacturing process of another good. A Stock share isn't a substantial element.

How can an Investor Invest in a Capital Good?

A capital investment usually occurs when an organization purchases a good capital item. These tangible assets include vehicles, machinery, equipment, buildings, and other tools. These assets are used in the production of different goods and services. In addition, capital investment is a system for an organization to improve its business goals.

What do Capital Goods Jobs Pay? Best Paying Jobs in the Capital Goods Industry

(1) Engineering Manager

An engineering manager organizes, directs, and makes engineering project plans. If you would like to work as an engineering manager for a capital goods industry, you will need a bachelor's degree in an engineering course, and you will also need a few years of experience in the field. An engineering manager's job includes making plans to develop the organization's engineering department.

An engineering manager in the capital goods industry earns roughly $149,530 annually.

(2) Marketing Manager

A market manager makes marketing plans in an organization and implements strategic goals. They bring up different ideas on how to sell capital goods and implement different styles to get more clients. And also retain their existing customers.

A marketing manager and the sales workers work together to fix the price on the market. A marketing manager earns roughly $141,490 annually.

(3) Project Manager

Many projects In the capital goods industry usually take over two years. In this period, goods are brought in, and they are exported. As a project manager, you will be able to make plans for long-lasting development, and you can also rebuild a manufacturing plant. The project management organization has different paying Jobs, which include project manager-level jobs, project engineer, and project manager.

A project manager in the capital goods industry earns roughly $88,688 annually.

(4) Sales Manager

A sales manager is in charge of a committee comprising different individuals whose job is to help the organization sell its products. If anybody from the committee wants to sell the company's product, they need to know how it was created. If you would like to work in a company as a sales manager, you will need a bachelor's degree in any technical field, business as economics.

A sales manager of a capital goods Industry earns roughly $132,290 annually.

(5) Development and Training Manager

Development and training managers work in an organization that produces goods. They are the ones in charge of developing and training other employees. This position is valuable in any organization because every capital organization sells technological things like transportation infrastructure for a chemical organization and manufacturing technology for the electric industry.

A development and training manager in a capital goods industry earns roughly $115,640


(6) Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer designs and builds machines to develop a good capital item. A mechanical engineers will always ensure that the devices they operate on meet the organization's standards or what their customers are looking for. A mechanical engineer's technical services are valuable.

A mechanical engineer for a capital good earns $90,160 annually.

(7) Credit Controller

People always seek better job opportunities as the economy becomes more satisfactory. This might be helpful to individuals who always ask if a person has an adequate credit score before they are allowed to get a particular product or service.

It all depends on the industry and the product. A credit controller may work in different departments, from accounts receivable to accounts payable. They can also work in the enterprise resource planning units. These are jobs in the capital goods industry where individuals wanting a product can increase prices.

A credit controller in the capital goods industry earns roughly $166,973 annually.

(8) Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are hired in every organization. They are the ones who prevent problems with entry-level manufacturing jobs, feedback, and support.

A customer care representative works in different departments, from marketing to sales and customer service. They all work in one organization, but a few work in more than one unit, and that's because they help the customer purchase things.

The best-paid customer care representatives in the capital goods industry are customer service manager-level jobs, customer service manager, and customer service agent.

(9) Maintenance Engineer

A maintenance engineer is another advantageous position in the capital goods industry. Before getting employed as a maintenance engineer, you must be a bachelor's degree holder. That's the first predicament for this position. A maintenance engineer earns roughly $70,000


According to research, a maintenance engineer is said to have a median wage of $61,980. A maintenance engineer job requires hard work in technology and engineering. You can also be maintained by working under someone as an apprentice before you become independent.

Every maintenance engineer In the capital goods industry is essential to an organization's success, and that's because they will always make sure the equipment is intact. In addition to that, they always fix broken, broken items in the company.

(10) Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are the ones who design the chemical processing appliance; they also assemble the equipment used in processing the chemicals.

They work with other engineers in the capital goods industry to develop a system, like a water purification facility that transforms raw materials into valuable products. They also do in-depth research on every piece of equipment they use to ensure it's sustainable and safe. If you want to work as a chemical engineer, you will need a bachelor's degree.

(11) Sales Representative in the Computer Software Department

According to research, a sales representative is entitled to a mean base salary worth $101,779, while the median base salary is $97,000. The engineering manager's salary is $172,931, while the marketing manager earns $150,709. But the sales manager earns $124,210 annually.

A capital goods organization earns a considerable amount of money. One interesting fact about them is that there are many careers to chase in this industry. The fact that you know about these careers doesn't mean you will find it easy to get them. And that's because organizations need to line up to hire fresh graduates. Education is critical in this field.

It would help if you cultivated the habit of continuous learning; there is much information to look into. You will go places if you can add that to your working experience.

What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field

The capital goods industry has a lot of companies working with them, but the ones listed below are the major ones with lots of capital goods.

(1) Boeing

Boeing is a well-known aerospace company with commercial and military aviation businesses.

(2) Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is an enormous defense contractor that comprises aerospace, engineering, and information technology.

(3) Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a massive manufacturer of mining equipment and construction.

(4) General Electric

General Electric is a prominent miscellaneous conglomerate comprising businesses in different industries, including healthcare, power generation, and transportation.

Do Capital jobs pay?

The more things are changing globally, that's how more capital goods are becoming more lucrative. According to research, the highest earners in the capital goods industry earn more than people in other industries.

The answer to the question is YES. Capital Goods pay pretty high.

What are the significant trends that influence the Capital Goods Industry?

They are three major trends that influence the capital industry which include;

The increase in a Robotic System

We all know that robots are proliferating. They are creatures that involve using appliances to perform demanding tasks meant to be done by humans. The industry thrives from this trend because every organization has a robot carrying out its mission.

The increase in 3D Printing

3D printing is a production process that develops physical objects from a digital structure. Technology is becoming rampant in the industry. It delivers many benefits ranging from shorter lead times and lower production costs.

The increase in economy sharing.

Economy sharing is a monetary model where people and organizations share different resources like cars, bicycles, office apartments, etc. This trend has a significant effect on the capital goods industry. And that's because most organizations deliver their products and services on a shared factor.

Conclusion to the question "What do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?"

The answer to the question "What do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?" is Yes. They earn pretty fat salaries yearly. To be employed, you need to meet their requirements. Not that some of the jobs in capital goods don't require experience.